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Article: France '98 Collection

France '98 Collection

France '98 Collection

When thinking back to old times, especially with the thrill of fútbol, it's like reliving memories steeped in culture. For many Latinos in the U.S., fútbol isn't just a game—it's a memory of culture, shared moments, and feelings of joy and heartbreak. We're excited to showcase each country with its unique culture while also highlighting what every country shares in their "latinidad".


At deVictoria, we understand this profound connection and want to bring it alive through our collections. Born out of a Latino spirit and created for the world, we are fútbol fanatics eager to share our passion, stories, and unforgettable chapters from Latin American fútbol history.

Why France '98? For many Latin Americans recalling the late 90s, pride and nostalgia come rushing back. Personally, it was the first time that enjoyed fútbol with true passion, and wanted to share it. That World Cup had our teams showing the world what we're made of. Brazil battled to the finals, while countries like Argentina and Mexico delivered strong performances. Our players gifted us with unforgettable moments that still resonate with us. 

Brazil at France 98

It wasn't just any World Cup; it highlighted Latin America's passion and talent for fútbol. At deVictoria, we embrace this legacy. Wear our gear and proudly carry those unforgettable memories, showcasing a piece of our vibrant fútbol history wherever you go.

Fútbol is at the heart of Latin American culture. The rhythm of the samba, the vibrancy of fiestas, and the passion of tango—all find expression on the fútbol pitch. Our shirts, hats and posters reflect this rich tapestry of culture and emotions as they capture the essence of Latinos.

Why did we choose Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia for our inaugural collection? During France '98, these countries showcased fútbol that echoed Latin America's heartbeat.

    • With their flair and style, Argentina was led by the legendary Batistuta, whose hat-trick against Jamaica remains fresh in fans'minds.
    • Brazil, the eternal Samba Kings, journeyed to the finals with the iconic Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Bebeto creating magic, encapsulating the Brazilian spirit.
    • Mexico, showing resilience and determination, reached the Round of 16, led by the charismatic Blanco and his unforgettable 'bunny hop' trick that left defenders confounded.
    • Colombia, though they faced challenges, showcased their undying spirit, and their passionate play reminds us of the highs and lows that come with the beautiful game.


These nations brought their own stories, moments of magic, and indomitable will to the tournament. Through deVictoria, we aim to immortalize these moments, ensuring they're not just memories but wearable emotions.

Our France '98 collection kicks off our journey at deVictoria. Every fan has a story, and every enthusiast cherishes a memory. Fútbol often feels like home, and with our unisex t-shirts, everyone can carry that feeling everywhere. Designed with a Latino heart and made for all, we're more than just fashion. We're deeply passionate about fútbol. When you wear our pieces, it's like having a piece of that country, wrapped around you, no matter where you are in the world.

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